bible on tableThe depths of the chasm of man’s depravity is of an endless pit; it is a pit too impossible to climb, too impossible for all of human wisdom combined to engineer the most ingenious of escapes, too dark, too vile, too at enmity with God to perceive. For this reason, we must not stop to ponder our created beginning of mere dust alone, but we must come to see, if even one ounce, our utter helplessness, the very nature imputed to us by¬†generational lineage from Adam.
For we are worse than mere dust, we are sinners at enmity and contempt with God; but… here enters the human time-space physical world, the Gospel, “the power of God unto salvation,” Jesus Christ, the perfection of grace, love, mercy, holiness, the only One who could drink the very dregs of the cup of God’s wrath; the deepest of eternal caverns and damning sin and chasm’s of depravity cannot begin to compare with The Christ. As He pours out His blood, becomes “a worm” (Psalm 22), the deepest of purple dyes, as He “walked through the valley of the shadow death” (Psalm 23), and entered the “gates” of heaven (Psalm 24) on our behalf, He alone destroyed death and made a way from the chasm to the central focusing on God Himself as our chief of all ends.
Oh what a great propitiation He has done and has become on our behalf. He did what we could not, and yet, although free for us to receive, we must respond, we must believe, with faith assured, resting in Him and walking moment by moment with Him. And although no power is in us to do such saving work, He Himself Author’s our faith; although we cannot awaken ourselves to realize just who He is and pour out love for Him, yet “He first loves us.” Oh what joy, oh what grace, oh what mercies that our great God holds and gives to us. Praise be to Him and Him alone!
When we come to have our eyes opened to the reality of our utter helplessness and state prior to conversion, we then just come to the fringes of the foothills of an initial growth in the true grace of God, love, and a right “fear and trembling” of God.” May we behold His infinite glory and worth. In this is why we must not stop to merely ponder being made of the dust, for too often we are robbed of seeing more of God, more of His Son, more of His Spirit when men try to off-shoot our focus on to the lesser things concerning our mere humanity, when we are quickly ushered away from the harsh realities of our depravity. We ought not to desire to “move onward” too soon before ever really discovering that which comes first, in this case, we must understand that our utter hopelessness and helplessness apart from Christ and our great need for God’s intervention. We can never think of doing “something”, nor “anything”, for Him without our proper motivation, direction, charge and end prize – for what will we have to offer? What direction can we point people if we ourselves are not fixed in sight?
Before we set out, let us never forget God’s restraining grace, the grace that He is still constantly giving us specifically to walk the narrow path and avoid sin and the common restraining grace against all of the totality of sin; for we have yet to see just how wicked, how far, how bad depravity really is – and may we never come to know it. Let us not be robbed of knowing God more by refusing to see the backdrop of sin for which Christ had to enter and the sin we lived in prior. Remember billions are still encumbered in their sin, truly “already condemned.” (John 3:36)