Oh Please Hear Us Dear Pastor

(*I preface this – Please know I have several dear friends and brothers in the Lord who are laboring in Christ, for Christ and centered on Christ, this is not for you.)

What a year thus far, to say the least. What I find most heavy upon me is not the state of mankind, nor the politics of the day, nor even eschatological placement of our age, no, not these. The thing that weighs most heavy upon me is the constant ‘pole positioning’ of leaders / pastors in the professing church. As the great majority are deceiving and being deceived into constant arguing sides of political narratives, the true church starves for more want of Christ.

My heart breaks. The true church just wants Christ, and the unconverted needs to see Christ, yet, what are we (simple church members) given? We are given cute and clever stories, politics and much talk and boasting in the flesh.

Listen, please, dear pastor, give us Christ! – give us His beauty, His perfections, His fulfillment of the prophets in the Scriptures, His infallible worth and value, His power over hell, His work on Calvary, His great love, His holiness, His powerful propitiation,  and these just for starters. Oh give us deep doctrines that apply to our faith and give us hope during these times. Show us the sovereignty, the providence and the love of God for us. Won’t you please just give us truth? We don’t need any more of your rantings in your ravings, nor your programs and tasteless water, we need your humility, devotion in prayer, time digging out gold through the word of God and christ-centered teachings.

I beg of you dear pastors, preachers, itinerants and the like, oh won’t you hear and just give us Christ? We do not need your popularity nor personality, nor your gags and jokes, nor your excuses of cowardness and godlessness, and most certainly not your waste of time and strategies of building numbers for your budget’s sake. Oh please, please, just give us Christ.

The true church of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is those who are authentically regenerated, is beautiful and starving for men who will just preach and teach her Christ. And if she has been painted up to look like something other than she truly is, then the blame falls on you pastors and leaders who are too busy arguing about all the cares of this fallen world.  Oh please, just give us Christ.

Please know, this man will seek the throne of God, on his knees, through the scriptures, in being ‘shut-up’ to Christ for your sake. This is the hour to rise, and for us to rise we must hit our faces. Let us not be like so many, “seeking for the truth and never finding it.”

Very sincerely, a simple Christian


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