Simple and timeless.

We are setting out to bring you new, high quality Bibles, yet with a simplicity and purity in a timeless fashion for people who may not be able to afford a highly detailed Bible. We are in NO way desiring to complete with our brothers (see below) who are laboring diligently to bring high-custom rebind work.

We will consider rebinding your old Bible, however if you desire a lot of detailed work (such as decorative stamping, art gilding, gold leafing, etc.), we would suggest to you some of of the men below. If, however, you desire simple, durable and timeless, please feel free to contact us.


We recognize that not everyone can afford a highly durable, real leather cover with highly decorative features. So that is where we aim to come in. Our goal is to provide new Bibles with extremely durable covers, highly durable spines and at a more affordable price. With every Bible sold, one to two Bibles will be provided for in remote eastern Kenya in working with our missionaries in the field. Learn more.


What will your Bible generally have?

  • It will be a brand new Bible with the version you have selected.
  • A high quality, hand detailed, raised spine
  • An Oxford hollow made from buckram bookcloth
  • White silk tailbands
  • A simple, timeless, durable cover
  • 2-3 ribbons (size depending)
  • A generous yapp


I have traveled the nation in healthcare for over 22 years. In 2001 the Lord so very graciously saved me. Since that time, I always have a Bible with me and they have seen a hard usage. I have always been amazed, even at expensive Bibles sold by large companies, of just how poorly the spines have generally been constructed. We hope to alleviate this by offering high quality, hand tooled, cost effective work.


Generally our prices range from $120 to $170 (shipping not included) depending upon condition and size of the Bible. If you desire to have a simple and timeless rebind of your personal Bible, feel free to contact us for more questions.


NKJV Reformation Study Bible

Recommended Highly Customized and Detailed

For those of you desiring very highly detailed and custom rebind work, we recommend the men below.

A few pictures