Although I wish I could claim that the book above are mine (or even just the study wherein), however I have to admit, they are not. (C.H. Spurgeon’s) And although I am not as skilled in pen as Jonathan Edwards, nor my words as beautiful as Thomas Watson, nor my extent as Charles H. Spurgeon or John Owen, nor weight of my blessed George Whitefield, they are mine and I hope they may help a few. Please feel free to learn more, download and share.


jeremystrang ebookOne Man’s Walk with God: Preparing for Trials and Fears

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Memoirs of C.B. Strang: Bcbswwi_coverlacksmith & WWI Veteran

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(*not directly Christian in nature)

Grace Upon Grace: A Story of May Eighteenth

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Stay In The Boat: When Perception Begs Our Abandonment 

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The Foothills of True Grace 

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Reveling or Resisting? 

*Updated edition coming soon!


Realities of a True Christian

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As Christ: A Man and Marriage

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