Fear Not

It seems with all that Satan, through the world and it's system and the wicked hearts of evil men, has been throwing at us politically, in terms of health, and with all of the pressures of fear in American cities, many are losing hope and turning else where for relief. However, if indeed you are a true Christian, then you should "fear not" nor lose hope.

Don't Lose Heart

Please allow me a bit of room below to simply speak, not in a deep exegete, but rather directly from Scripture and my personal thoughts regarding my life. Maybe you too will find this to be true, challenging or an absent need in your life. May the Lord help us all onward in the faith, as He will do since He is the “author and perfecter of our faith.” (Heb. 12:2)

Stay In The Boat – When Perception Begs Our Abandonment

Available NOW! Stay In The Boat: When Perception Begs Our Abandonment by Author Jeremy B. Strang. Are you in need of hope? Are the distractions of this world causing you to fear and take action into your own hands? Are you feeling as if all the storms of your life and dragging you deeper and…

Thoughts and Our Personal Response to the Refugee Crisis, and Everything Else

It seems today more than ever, opinions of mankind are absolutely everywhere we turn. Now, I could begin to set out on a discourse to rationalize our personal beliefs and then shine the spotlight of the Scriptures onto every single opinion being thrown around, especially regarding the current refugee crisis. But I am NOT going…

Revelation – Read and Be Blessed

Many professing believers in our age do not read the book of Revelation. The reasons for which are many. Some simply do not believe the written word. Others do not read it saying it is too much to handle and fearful of what it says. Others yet say that because they do not understand what…