Free Burma Rangers: Vengeance?

"So that night I said, 'Lord Jesus show me the truth of what happened that day.' I opened my kindle up to the Bible and I put my finger and it said, 'Vengeance is mine says the Lord, I will repay.'

Buy a Book – Support a Missionaries

Sometimes I feel as if there is so very little I can do to help in global missions. I have always remembered this about missions and being a Christian: "You either go down in the well, or support those who go down; either way, there ought to be scars on your hands." In God's good…

The Durick’s: Spreading The Gospel and Fighting Human Trafficking

Last week I was privileged to sit with Nick Durick, a young man I have not seen since 2004. I first met Nick through our church in Stillman Valley, IL. At that time, we had the upwards of 60 people, both youth and adults, meeting in our home every Monday night, sometimes meeting for 6…

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